After realizing the negative influence pop-culture had on the lives of young adults, friends and colleagues Ndumiso Mafu and Casey O’Neill decided something radical needed to be done to address this growing issue.  They formed Impilo Inc in 2007.


Impilo would be there to positively influence young adults through pop-culture.  As Impilo grew, it became apparent that the organization’s strength lay in its ability to create media that communicated big messages to its growing following.


After several small fundraisers and donations from family and friends, Impilo raised sufficient funds to send co-founder Ndumiso Mafu to South Africa to officially launch Impilo SA.


While in South Africa, Ndumiso recruited a core team that would play a key role in identifying and reaching young adults with Impilo’s message using media and entertainment driven events.

These events proved to be a huge success and as a result, Impilo SA engaged a following of close to 2,000 young adults.  The organization was able to reach its first audience consistently through social media.


Impilo’s presence was well received, as many followers were inspired to live out the messages they were seeing. They volunteered to serve the community in creative and inspiring ways.  It was around this time that Ndumiso and Casey realized the potential and impact of Impilo, and the decision was made to move Impilo to the city of Durban to achieve maximum impact.


Currently, Impilo is based in the city of Durban and continues to reach a growing number of young adults.  People are their biggest resource. They have a team of skilled and committed individuals who desire to see young adults impacted and inspired through positive pop-culture and media.


Additional strategies have been implemented and continue to be leveraged through social media, original video content, fashion and contemporary events.  There are tremendous opportunities in these platforms, along with various others, that encourage young adults to pursue a life rooted in Christ.